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The culture of Oromo

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Oromo society was traditionally arranged in accordance with gadaa, a social stratification method partially based on an eight-year cycle of age sets; yet over the centuries the age sets grew out-of-alignment with the actual ages of their members, and some time in the 1800s another age set system was established.

Under gadaa, every eight years the Oromo would hold a popular gathering called the Gumi Gayo, at which laws were established for the following eight years.

A democratically elected leader, the Abba Gada, will be in charge of over the system for an eight-year term. Gadaa is no longer in wide practice but remains significant.

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  • Adane Asnake

    I am studying the musical culture of Oromo people. Can I get enough information about this matter?

  • boss

    Hi Adane,

    Have a look around and see if you can find enough information.

    We will be adding more information soon.

    If you like to write some articles about the musical culture of Oromo people. We will be happy to put it on this website.

  • Hewan

    Hello everyone, first I want to tell you the respect I have developed for the Oromo people since I have started reading their history. I am doing a reaserch paper on women, animal and environmental jutice and want to take the Oromo society as a sample because of the whole Geda system. Can anyone please tell me where I can find details about the Geda system and about their culture as a whole.
    Love you all.
    On love!

  • oromo

    google it up. its everywhere

  • Nazif Jemal

    Hi Hewan, how are you? am a radio journalist at Fana, so if you contact us we may try to provide you with some information you are looking for.

  • yomif worku

    i am too pruod to your job.for all are you fine if u need i can help u by information as i am historian and journalists.wish u best

  • Jery

    hello, thanks for putting all the information abpout Oromo. The thing that I don’t understand is if Oromo was originaly from other country why are the called Habesha too.

  • omar


    oromos were in the south when they amaras aka habashas invaded them from arabia. they were native to that part of the horn only outsiders were the abbysinians aka habesha

  • saly

    13 responses so far ?
    1 Dempsey Haupt // Jan 6, 2008 at 4:25 am

    I have a request. I don’t know where to put it so …here it is. There are tales of a tribe in Ethiopia that is very isolated and stays that way by maintaining a fierce reputation. I have heard that they don’t let anyone near and anyone who gets too close gets killed.

    Sound familiar? Who are these people? Why do they keep separate from others? And where are they?
    2 hadush // Oct 2, 2008 at 7:47 am

    the Amharas willl continue to live inspite of your fucken propogandas
    3 SES // Jan 16, 2009 at 4:52 pm

    How did early European colonialism change the Amhara culture?
    4 endale zeleke // Jan 26, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    i do not give any comment to you because of the
    best work of your site make me silent as consiuos.
    5 wondimu selamsew // May 7, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    your page made me very distorted,because the concept you put in this page is not well simply put words that never express the amhara people.therefore when you write some thing please ask ,read make a study …I have a question:”what is yejju oromo?and how you relate the Gurage tribs and the amhara people?how the amhara’s inherit thier tradition from axum?
    6 Mustafa // Jun 22, 2009 at 11:36 pm

    You Ethiopians sicken’ me! You guys are philthy bastards that like terrorizing other countries due to jealously, along with that penis sucking prime minister of Ethiopia: Melestor Penis Sucking Zenawi, and you guys only know how to rape innoccent people,u fuckin faggots, You guys are just jealous of us Somalians in So many ways i cant even record! B>I>T>C>H>E>S!!
    7 JOS // Jun 25, 2009 at 1:11 pm

    You are absolutly right, I am much interested to appreciate you .I think If you e mail me, in the future we will change alot of informaition about this.
    8 Super G // Jul 28, 2009 at 2:16 am

    Waw Minilik is the Man!! No one did such a wonderful job till today!! What a briliant leader in those days. We always love u, respect u and proud of you.
    9 Edjúnior de lima Fernandes // Aug 31, 2009 at 3:53 pm

    Como posso saber sobre, uma possivel história que afirma que Maria Madalena proveio deste lugar?
    10 Edjúnior de lima Fernandes // Aug 31, 2009 at 3:54 pm

    11 sandrar // Sep 10, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. Cheers! Sandra. R.
    12 omar // Sep 11, 2009 at 12:20 am

    see this bitches are not even african!!! they are arabs fucking diqalas they need to leave africa alone and go back to their desert arabia!!
    13 saly // Sep 19, 2009 at 12:31 pm

    I’m shocked by the hight of their ignorance.
    I don’t even know what to call these people (amahra).They have no original identity but, monkeys come out of the mountain and become shameful black ass who claim to be semantic(what or arb). I was watching CNN and commentator said”ethiopian can not be or are not white The hight of their ignorant, limitless lies, munubering stories, claim to make oromo mind as theirs. All great writter, educators, innovators, heroes, well known figures come from oromo. Tigre’s are the most backward tribe, axum is not their civilaztion.Axum was built by kush people who left their mark behind when they move to other locations and places. Tigre’s are the Starved tribe let alone building Axum. All their story is fabrication and lies. you can see and compare with what comes out of meles zenawi the so call prime minister of thiefs. Good luck with your so call seminticism


    please delate the word galla please

  • solaan

    You have to live your culture. Gada system must inform not only your intellect but also your daily practice. Your history must be a reminder of what had happened in the past as well as an informant of what could and must happen in the future. Your enemy will not allow this. The instrument you use to free yourselves must be consistent with one you would use to manage free Oromia. Otherwise you’ll end up with an illusion of free Oromia while in fact you remain a willing colonial subject. [By Abdisa

  • oftanenus

    Hello every oromo please, give value for yours.
    please follow your glory culture and religious.
    you know what makes unique oromo:-
    3,DHahaa(oromo calander) please follow yours & know yours.

  • Ramato Amano

    Dear all oromo, thanks be to Waqa today is better than yesterday and I wonder tommorow will be better than to day. think about Rome city it took very long time to be like she is today. I hope We will see the changes we desere soon.
    So don’t give up,don’t forget yesterday and our elders contribution for forthcoming freedom.

  • Gondol

    Hi dear1

    it is very intersting to see that you have some important issues here, but still only apprciating is not enough read,ask and put important point for researchers

  • Gondol

    I am doing a research on some Oromo issues so that have some question for the researcher any body who can give a clue.
    1. Does Oromo classified as a cushatic speaking language or a Cush family?
    2. when you said Oromo is native to this region ,clarify which region is it?
    3. When you talk about Oromo or Gada system why you limit to 1800AD? What was the Oromo political system at 3000BC? 750BC? 1AD? 350AD when the Axum becomes powerful? 1000AD? 1400AD?
    4. What was the Oromo name in ancient time?

    Thanks in advance

  • Gondol

    I want to add the following for your comment, Not to make bold my comment on 13 and my on 14 above. I am happy to receive constructive ideas to ward this.
    My points are

    1. We have to respect each other on this forum and show also those fat head people in this century what does respect each other mean. Unless other wise we can not discuss interesting issues raised in this forum to dig and find the true history of our people.

    2. I really appreciate the researcher have started, But the point of your start should not be a place where the “the so called debetaras” started.

    3. Any way it is interesting to trace the origin of the people belongs to the same group so that we can find a missing link of the history due to others pressure.
    The origin of today’s ( Oromo, Tutsi,Dinka, Hima, Ankole, Borana and Hinjiran or Ajuran) were the same origin. They are Cushitic origin of Nile basin or down stream of Nile (Meroe) some 2000-3000BC. These people were the first people to claim a Kush civilization of ancient Nubia, or the Al –Sudan and Ethiopia. They refer their country of Origin was Mede walabu ( Mede-Waleba). We can say a paradise or a place where civilization was started “Nubia”. Later between 7-10 Ad when they reach today’s bale a dense forest with abundant water and green they also named to their original country as Mede welabu. This is the point of argument and it should not be the start of Oromo history.

    4. The name of the oromo original was called Megalan ( Brawn face people) this was up the time between Nubia,Napata and Meroe. After the Meroe civilization was over ride by Axum the Megalan team were living in upper Blue Nile basin was reorganized in thier strong Gada to support Meroe. They were not successful to protect Meroe so that, they started to explore for fertile land and grass for their cattle in all direction with in small strong groups. Each group was given a task from a Gada system to get and hand over a plot of land to the second Gada team. The formulation and regulation of the Gada were formulated in such a way that any surrended enemy or captives were mixed up to “Megalan” with out any discrimination. The rules and regulation established in the Gada system were like (Mogassa, Harmehodha and Gudifacha) which were avoided discrimination, torching of all war captives. This helped the Megalan to be a large team and disperse in all direction of east and central Africa of today. Then they started to get different names like Oromo for those who are living in today’s Ethiopia. Similarly, the team remain traveled to Sudan called Dinka . The team moves dawn to ward south or North Kenya named as Borana which is the elder in Oromo family. The team pushed further to Uganda named as Hima means. The team further went to West Tenzania called Ankole ” and the team pushed dawn to Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire is called Ho-tusi or tutsi and a people inter to Somalia is called Wajiran .
    Next time I will come up with some interesting history of our people

  • Gaddissa

    Hi Respectiful Oromo
    I am a high school student and I want to know & write some articles on the “Role of Geda Qalu institution in the social & poletical life Oromo people.” Can U send me some information.

  • Mootii

    i just want to tell you that you don’t need group of Oromo people to practice the Gada System,
    all you need is know who you are
    flaw what your ant sisters flowed
    talk the language as much as you could
    if you do that you will have a dream what your G.father fight for and thank you


    Ummanni oromoo saba aadaa,duudhaa,amantii ,kabaja gaarii qabudha.

  • mirga

    Hayye,ashaama harkaa funne?nagumaa nagennii badhaadha?mana,maatin,ala waatin,qee`en,firri cufti nagumaa.Namoonni fulaa kanarra maraaf gaalani kiyya guddadha.Galaatoma!!Itti anse waa`e Aada fi Dudhaa kenyaa irrati dudubaachuf fulli kun caarra nu latti.nuti Aada ni qabna gaaru Aadan kenyaa Garbumma habaashatin hamma guddaachun irra ture hin guddanne.homaa miti ni qaqaabna yoo tokko tannef.Aada nuti himaannu kuni akkamin akka as ga`ee hundumti kenyaa ni bekna xiqqolee yoo tate.Gaaru anaan kaan na ajaa`ibu,waa`e Aada oromo motumaa Nafxaanyaa Minilik boodati.akka seenaan nuti himutti Ummaanni OROMO bara sana mili`oona 10(kudhaan)kana kessa nafxaanyichi mili`oona 5(shan) fixe.isaan haafan milliona shaaniyuu Warra OROMUMAAN bayee isaan hin dhibne turaan egaa Aada kenyaayyu miti afaan kenyaa akkamin akka as ga`ee tilmaamun nama dhiba.Laafeen Gototaa darbaani carra kana nu latte.seenan baran isaan ha yaadatu !!!! maaqan saana hin du`iin!!!fulaa rabbiitti janaata ha argaatan nu biraati ammo kabaajama,yadaatama ha hafaan.waan Dubbistaannif gaalatoma.NI BILISOOMNA!!fayya ta`aa,tokko ta`aa,hoora bulaa.

  • Wol

    why do you oromos talk about freedom and other hatefulwords toward other ethnic groups especialy thhe amharas,I know you have been treated mercilessely by the thrown of menilik but people back there where ill minded and unlearned but you people are educated,shame on you .why are you thinking like milinik?

  • feven fekadeselassie

    Is a good opportunity to get this chance and to express what I feel. Please keep going we are the ambassadors of this country. Love Ethiopia

  • will

    i think that the face in the coffee is racist.

  • solomon

    I always proud of oromos culture,protecting our culture is obligation of all oromos including me and you ; but what should we do ?



  • adisu

    if u have know the oromoo histry and culture u must read the book which is called<>

    thank u

  • adisu

    if u have know the oromoo histry and culture u must read the book which is calledilaalcha oromoo

    thank u

  • Tedla

    Learn the language first at

  • Desalegn

    oromoon waaqa qaba waaqa tokkoon bula. Oromoon kabaja ofii isaaf maatii isaaf akkasumas keessummaa biroo kabaja guddaa qaa.

    Kana beektuu laata, oromoon Irreecha akka innii kabaju?
    waa’ee irreechaa gadi fageenyaa yeroo dhuftu itti deebina

  • naol

    DEAR SIR, I I Have read what you put all @ get some interesting information about OROMOO.Thank you very much ! i went to write research paper on GADA ,so could you tell me how can i get full info. THANKS IN ADVACE

  • mamo badasa

    even if we have been under strong undermine,descrimination,we oromo people will reach one place!

  • Thomas

    Hi guys am kenyan but 2 years ago one i was told that my dad was from oromo although they parted with my mom when i was 9 months old i know nothing about oromo but am rily intrested 2 know since my mom is dead no 1 wants to tell me,pls help me know my roots.thx for this site.

  • hundaol

    Hi respected friends I am doing my thesis work on sense of community and social justice of gadaa system follower community of tulama Oromo , so iIlike if you send me the material you have. thankyou

  • Firomsa

    Hi,all lovers and reader of the Oromo history and Geda system: Oromo people were/are the first largest population among CUSHITIES family. Also,they are the single largest population in Horn/East Africa. Their language is the third(3rd) popular lagnuge in All Africa,next to Arabic and Kiswahili. Next, I want to expose the limitation of Oromo history. Since 19th century our country has been ruled by the monarchy of “naftagna” specially starting from Menelik II to Dergue. So, any historians and foreigners had gathered all information about Oromo from from those monarchies. During thee eras, directly asking Oromo people for their own history,Political, religion,Cultures and social life has been forbidden. Therefore,the written material on on Oromo people was more based of ‘naftagna’s” attitudes. On that I wanna answer the question for GONDOL. “The Oromo name was OROMO antiquely and it is also Oromo till recent day. The Oromo’s name of insult was named by Preist AbbaBahire….in the end of 17th century. However Oromo never callaed him self until today. This implies,as Oromo has only one perfect name”OROMO” Thereafter, “naftagna” used the isult name name of Oromo to ashamed the them. to make them self-neglects. Although they used many tactics to bury the Oromo’s culture,language,and their identity by using the gun,Oromo people never gave up and never surrender until today. The other answer for GONDOL question is “the starting date of Gada System” Shortly Gada System has been started when Oromo People started to live. At least, it was started in 10th century as modern model of Democratic system. Before 10th century it could be maintained as less organized organ of administration. Although SINCE 1850s Gada HAS been sent off up to today,…its principle system of governance is widely spread to the world. One man can be elected as “Abba Gada” during his age of forty(40),and he can rule only for eight(8) years. This mean,he must demoted when his his age being fort-eight (48). Likely, American presidential system is similar with this strategy. Also in America, one person can’t rule over eight years. We wanna REGAIN the PRIDEFUL administration system”GADA SYSTEM”
    Elemo Kiltu and Ahmed Taki died at the battle of “Tiro” and General Tadessa Birru, Agari Tullu, Mulu Hasanu, General Wako Gutu, and his brother Dadhi Gutu, Azebo, Lagasa Wagi, Ebbisa Adugna….and many others of Oromo Heroes had been died to regain Gada Syetem.
    READ…READ…READ MORE AND MORE THE TRUE HISTORY OF OROMO…AGAIN AND AGAIN….. There many written materials for hese history…it is fully on online
    Thank you Very much.

  • tasee

    write on it your comment in better and better that may strongly explain history and culture of oromo people to none -oromo people in order to teach them what oromo was,what oromo is and what oromo will be in the future.Here,if every one become strongly struggle for his people no one can say some wrong and unnecessary history about oromo. Be let u yourself and run for your huge community and the is true for oromia which is your true mother.

  • Amayu

    I am studying Afan oromo teaching and literature, so am looking enough information about Oromo omen.

  • diriba

    the oromo peopleisthe gretest people we need pease andlove give respect

  • Michelle Outman

    Hello. I was hoping you could help direct my search for specific Coptic Cross designs for these regions, Oromo and Yirgalem. Thank you for any assistance you can give.

  • Dedefo Tenu

    ummanni oromoo aadaa,duudhaa fi amantii, akkasumas sirna bulchiinsaa dimookiraasawaa sirna gadaa mataa ofii qaba,Garuu nuti hin beekne , beekuu qabnaa, beekuunis nurratti dirqama, of haa beeknuu. GALATOOMAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Asrat zatew

    beaty culture of ethipia

  • amhara ahya

    There is no amhara tribe in ethiopia. u can find it when u count their forefathers more and more.WHAT WAS THEIR TRADITIONAL RELIGION? Ithink they came with the introduction of chritianity.No one can believe the idea that they argue for-that is christianity ia indegineous to ethiopia.

  • shaaboltoo

    Aharas are very distorted of their identity.In one language they say we are the descent of judah;on the otherhand they say we are native to ethiopia.They are detouring!!!!!!!

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  • getu mirkena

    warreen karaarra jirtan jabaadha

  • Biruktawit Megersa

    I love Oromo what about u?

  • Biruktawit Megersa

    aren’t u prode of being oromo???

  • Biruktawit Megersa

    aren’t u proud of being Oromo????

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